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Teaching Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd.

Welcome to Gandaki Medical College

Gandaki Medical College Teaching Hospital and Research Center Pvt. Ltd. (GMCTHRC), Pokhara was established in 2007 A.D with the aim of imparting quality medical education to the students from different parts of the world. Presently, GMCTHRC is conducting MBBS, BDS,BSc. Nursing, BSc. MIT, BSc. MLT and BPH Program with the affiliation of TU-Institute of Medicine (IOM). We are happy to inform you that the college has been successfully running in its aim of providing quality medical education and care services to the people.  “Gandaki Medical College Teaching Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd. (GMC)” is a health educational institution located in .....Read More »

Message from the Desk of CEO

Gandaki Medical College, Teaching Hospital and Research Center came in to existence just Five years back in 2010 with the commitment to provide the highest quality of medical education which is comparable to any medical institute globally. Our institute guides the students to acquire knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is obtained and wisdom is developed. We prepare future health professionals to serve the underserved. Particular focus is on the education of disadvantaged students for careers in medicine. Emphasis is placed on developing skills and habits of life- long learning and producing world leaders in medicine. Special attention is directed to .....Read More »

  • Recent News

    • Donation of ECG Machine-Kenz

      13 Jul , 2017

      Donation of ECG Machine-Kenz

      "Gift received from medical students of Queens University Belfast, after Post Observation Trainning at GMCTHRC, Pokhara, July 13, 2017

      ... MORE

    • MRI Inauguration

      08 May , 2016
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      MRI (1.5 Tesla) Inauguration, May 8, 2016 by Former Minister of Health & Population Govt. of Nepal and Patron in ... MORE

    • 1st Compulsory Internship

      17 Jun , 2015
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      1st Compulsory Rotatory Internship for student of Janaki Medical College (as per decision of Faculty Board of IOM) has been ... MORE